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      You need to know how to lubricate more when you buy car leaf springs
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1330

      Consumers in the use of time to know the proper use of leaf spring, because spring is used for a long time will appear rust, so consumers should know how to make the spring more lubrication, so when in use will be what problem.

      Lubrication method of leaf spring is: the end of the new running in stage should be done, in the car for two seasons. When the first leaf spring lubrication removed, open the middle through bolts, the dispersed steel sheet, and then apply lithium grease or graphite grease evenly on the steel plate on both sides, after loading complex between two friction surfaces form oil film (only more in exchange for a piece of fragments of time to complete a set of plate spring lubrication operation).

      Lubrication of leaf spring has three advantages: one is to reduce the friction and disperse stress, prevent the steel sheet surface strain; two is to reduce dust, dirt and water intrusion, to prevent corrosion; three is cooling, prevent elastic strength decreased.

      Although the spring lubrication have certain advantages, but also to the lubricating leaf spring has certain rules, such as lubrication time should be south general every quarter lubrication once every six months, North lubrication once, can also according to the mileage of the appropriate master (often also plays a certain degree of lubrication by oil dripping).