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      How to make the use of spring leaf damping function better
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1390

      The car in our application in our life environment is getting better and better, consumers in the use of time to know how to make cars damping function better, to make better shock you have to use the steel plate spring, let's talk about the details of.

      It has two types, one is equal thickness, the width is narrow at both ends, and the middle is wide. The traditional multi plate leaf springs are the type, which is made of steel sheets with different lengths and widths, and most of them now use this kind of leaf springs. The other is the equal width, the thickness is thin at both ends, the middle thickness. Now the common little leaf spring is the type of little leaf spring is only 1 ~ 4 pieces of variable cross-section leaf spring, taper leaf spring is defined along the length direction of plate center thick at both ends gradually thinning, or sheet width and thickness were gradually changing leaf spring. Mostly used in light vehicles, and now some large and medium-sized passenger cars tend to use this kind of leaf springs. In the middle of the spring plate fixed on the axle by U bolts, both ends of the spring are hinged by a pin on a supporter. In this way, the axle and the car body are connected by the leaf spring, so as to play the role of buffering, vibration reduction and force transmission.