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      The structure design of automobile leaf spring needs further optimization
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1355

      Leaf spring is a kind of elastic element in automobile suspension. It is installed near the wheel of automobile site. It can not only transmit torque, but also play a role of friction and shock absorption. But now most of the leaf spring structure design only depends on the designer's experience, and the process of determining the structure is difficult to quantify, so the structure design of leaf spring needs to be further optimized.

      In the optimization process, attention should be paid to the use of combination optimization method to plan the motherboard design of leaf spring. When dealing with the problem, we can refer to the genetic algorithm to solve the problem related quantization method and modeling process. Another point is very important, we should pay attention to the actual design process of a certain type of vehicle as an example, so as to have specific implementation goals.

      An elastic element is widely used in automobile suspension spring, which is composed of a plurality of equal width but unequal (equal thickness, also can not equal) of elastic beam alloy spring sheet which is formed by the combination of an approximately equal strength.

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