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      What are the national standards for automobile leaf springs?
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1358

      A leaf spring is included in the "national standard" of the People's Republic of China automobile industry standard, its number is QCN29035-1991, is a revision of the national standard JB 523-85 version and JB4046085 version of the. This set of standards mainly to the automobile leaf spring material, size, performance, accuracy, test methods and detection rules to a certain extent of the provisions and requirements. The national standard for leaf springs of automobiles refers to four sets of standards: 

      The first: the standard of spring steel is GB1222 

      The second set of standards is the metallographic examination standard of automobile leaf springJB3782 

      The third set of standards is the process of spraying the leaf springs of automobilesZB T06 001 

      The fourth set of standards is the experimental standard of automobile leaf spring tableJB 2383