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      The structure of leaf spring plays an important role
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1345

      Many consumers of automobile leaf spring above do not know when in use, many consumers are not clear why the spring inside to have main points, here we have to talk about this information, let more consumers understand, so when in use will not appear what problem.

      It is with the emergence of the car will be born leaf spring, the common leaf spring structure is divided into the main and vice. Although the spring manufacturers have produced a wide variety of leaf springs, the structures are basically the same. So, why is the leaf spring structure the main spring?

      The most fundamental thing about a car is to drive, so all the parts can't affect the car's running. So in the design of leaf spring to considering the load and driving, spring manufacturers in order to be able to meet the production requirements of two kinds of products, great brains just want to come out, now the products in various vehicles are used.

      The reason for this spring structure, of course, the most important is comfort, in addition to bring comfort, transport in the time also has a great effect. The installation of the damping leaf spring can reduce the load of the vehicle and avoid the damage of the vehicle due to excessive load. The fundamental purpose of this structure is to make driving safer.

      Although the leaf spring structure seems very simple, but it plays a very important role, the lack of this kind of structure is not safe to drive. Whether the longitudinal leaf spring or other structural parts, is to ensure the safety of the road. For safety, choose a good product.