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      How to improve the working efficiency of automobile leaf spring equipment
      Update time:[2017-11-06]    Page view :1328

      Leaf spring equipment is used for various specifications of automobile leaf spring heat treatment equipment, many kinds, wide application, can effectively improve work efficiency, then it is how to improve work efficiency? We might as well understand it from its own characteristics.

      1. The heating position can be controlled freely. It can not produce excessive heat to the place without heating. It meets the heat treatment requirements of special workpiece (such as gear, sprocket surface quenching, rod local treatment).

      2, heating speed is fast, ordinary heat treatment (such as quenching, annealing) under normal circumstances heating time is not more than 10 seconds / A, solve the traditional heat treatment process due to long heating time lead to oxide layer is too thick problem.

      3, leaf spring equipment energy saving, compared with the original electronic tube high-frequency machine, gas furnace, electric furnace and other energy saving 3/4. The operation is simple, that is, learning will be, no open flame at work, no high temperature, high pressure (induction coil working voltage is 36V), with good safety.

      4, quenching, welding area of 1mm2-1cm2, deformation allowance is small, requiring ultra fast quenching, welding workpiece, with this machine can get better effect.

      5, spring equipment adopts special microcomputer software to realize automatic frequency tracking and fault diagnosis function.

      6. It can be heated and welded with smaller 0.1mm, as fine as hair.

      7, small size, light weight, won't occupy too much production space, can be moved at any time to work location, to facilitate production needs.